PaymentLOCK Card Present In-Store Solutions

Card Present In-Store Solutions

PaymentLOCK provides industry-leading Card Present Solutions for In-store payments that have worked to completely eliminate payment processing fees forever. Our robust Card Present platform is capable of supporting all retail based merchant transactions with a real-time payment manager that allows our clients to interact with their customers more quickly, efficiently, and securely...


Are you looking for a better Card Present Solution to all your In-Store Retail transactions? Look no further! PaymentLOCK is a secure and reliable software security company that has been helping businesses manage payments in real-time since 2014. Along with our real-time payment manager, our information technology services work to remove any risks associated with fraud and breaches by utilizing cloud-based security.

Devices That Lead The Industry, Applications That Drive The Experience:

The PaymentLOCK cloud-based platform incorporates the latest in industry trends to offer our clients a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that lets them choose the applications and solutions that are right for their business’ individual needs. At PaymentLOCK, we want to offer our clients even more industry-first all-in-one solutions to help keep their in-store and online business environments secure, compliant, and operating more efficiently and effectively.