Real-Time Data

Manage all of your transactions in real time through our customized cloud based dashboard. See approved authorizations, charge for services in real-time, store tokenized data for service charges later, setup recurring billing and much more.

24×7 Support

Our technical software team is here to help you through our 24/7 support portal. Giving you and your team the most updated information about paymentLOCK, what’s trending and live blogs and information from other paymentLOCK users. We make on-boarding easy and we are always here to help.

P.O.S. Integration

Learn how paymentLOCK can integrate to your existing POS system to offer EMV compliant Authorizations. Eliminating your risk of unavailable funds, chargebacks for non-EMV compliant transactions and stolen credit cards or fraud.

Secure Transactions w/ Any Device

Securely manage transactions on your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world. With secure encryption and tokenization all captured outside your corporate network to eliminate any vulnerabilities to your business, feel free to transact with your customers anytime and anywhere.

Military Grade Security

Built on 4096 Bit Encryption, paymentLOCK delivers 2x the current security standards of today. Proactive fraud monitoring, full encryption and tokenization and redundant database encrypting delivers peace of mind to your business.

Customize It

paymentLOCK is made for you to own it, customize it and create the customer experience that you want through each transaction. We’re not asking you to write API’s or code. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. No more third party payments with little to no visibility and extremely high rates.

Our custom settings let you drag and drop your logo’s and customer fields, delivering a stronger brand and better customer profile. Immediately learn more about your customer, offer better data analytics to your sales and marketing team with real time purchasing information. Invoicing, signature capture and detailed card holder data give accounting what they need.

Easily search customer transactions, create reports and see all your transactions in real time.

Get to know your customers better…

So you can create a better custom experience

Tired of waiting for invoicing, scans, faxes and emails to capture non-secure cardholder data??

Don’t expose your business, securely transact with you customers immediately.

 PaymentLOCK Products

PaymentLOCK PLUS - Zero Merchant Processing Fees





Pay only for what you use


Easy setup and no hidden fees


Depend on a highly safe cloud-based solution

One Flat Rate

Fee Every Month

Absolutely NO Hidden Fees!! Signup For PaymentLOCK PLUS And Remove All Of Your Merchant Processing Fees Today…

Enterprise Customers

PaymentlOCK offers everything Enterprise companies need to deliver a better and more secure customer experience all while making it easier to realize immediate funds, immediate savings and immediate transactional data

Lower Rates

24hr Support


Customer reviews

Test-Drive our Industry Leading Solution for card-not-present transactions.

PaymentLOCK has substantially driven more revenue with our marketing and sales divisions by allowing our team to interact with our customers quickly and efficiently. paymentLOCK continues to drive more revenue to our bottom line each month.

Hospitality & Management Company

Security is paramount for our business and paymentLOCK provides critical security around all of our card-not-present transactions corporate wide. Removing this sensitive data from our corporate environment is a key part or our security posture.

Enterprise F&B Group

PaymentLOCK has been a game changer for our finance department. All online transactions have been secured and consolidated for reporting. We no longer worry about faxes, email, or phone payments that expose this sensitive data.

Real Estate Firm

PaymentLOCK allows our team to quickly and securely engage our guests for services to be paid immediately. It removes our risk by allowing us to take EMV complaint authorizations while mitigating our exposure to chargebacks and fraud.


Ease of use, ease of use, ease of use!! Our staff loves that they can see all pending transactions and get notified when clients complete authorizations or payments.

Frank's Entertainment

PaymentLOCK is a product every one of our merchants benefits from. it has such a wide range of uses for any type of vertical. It allows us to offer an Enterprise grade solution to the coffee shop or a large Hotel Group.

First Data ISO

Small / Medium Customers

Deliver the customization and automated customer experience of a large business. Make it easy for your customers to sign digital contracts, make payments or schedule recurring billing. Solve all your PCI and EMV compliant needs in one robust Payment Platform

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