Cash Discount


  • Drastically drive down processing fees.

  • Industry average helps your business consume 3% more revenue to your bottom line!
  • Checkout Details
    Payment Successful Notification

  • Industry compliance is more important than ever with new policies and procedures being released from all card brands.

  • Protect your merchants. Deliver the right cash discount program today!
  • Simple Sales Functionality

    • Simple Unlock Screen
    • New Sale Detail
    • Optional Custom Tip Screen
    • Custom Checkout
    • Itemized Detail on Every Receipt
    • Cash Discount Language Clearly Displayed
    • Optional Tax Applied

  • Intuitive Cloud-Based reporting keeps you in touch with every transaction in real-time.
  • Transaction Details of the User

  • The right receipt every time for your customers. Details go a long way.
  • Bill Details of the User

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