Card Vault


Where does Card Vault work? Every business looking to streamline repeat business.

Services Companies

  • Pest Control Services
  • Landscaping Services
  • Handyman Services
  • Real-Estate Services
  • CPA / Law Firm Services

Enterprise / Hospitality

  • Hotel Chains
  • Tribal / Commercial Casinos
  • Bowling / Movie Theatres
  • All Special Events
  • Ticketing
  • High Ticket Pre-Bookings

Billing & Controllers

  • Vendor Management
  • Pre-Bookings
  • Contract Signature & Payments
  • Invoice Management
  • Recurring Billing Management

Card Vault - Multi-Tokenization

PaymentLOCK is the first Payment Platform within the payment industry to seamlessly support chip card initiated transactions with full encryption back to your cloud portal where you can manage and use the token again to create new authorizations, charges or setup a new subscription for repeat billing. All from the dunk of a card!

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